Fym Factory has created 5 Spotify playlists that represent all the genres we give voice to.

Each one is categorized by a group of music genres in which you can find established artists in each style, as well as revelation artists from the underground scene around the world.

Fym Factory doesn’t understand about genres, but of souls. Souls built by music.


Genres: Rock&Roll / Jazz / Blues / Soul

Fym Factory presents Spectralism. The roots of instrumental music styles like rock, blues, soul or jazz. From current artists to the classics. That playlist is the most traditional experience inside Fym Factory. No technology, just human soul.

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Genres: Indie / Funk / Rock / R&B / Urban

Fym Factory presents Soundscape. One step more, above the roots of Spectralism. A lineal evolution. This playlist shows how the human progress, mixing the instrumental music with soul.

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Genres: Music Fusion / Experimental

Duality is created to spread a mix of sounds to all music enthusiasts.

Here you can find artists such as St. Germain, Bellaire or Deluxe, as well as mixtures of electronic bases combined with guitar riffs or jazz melodies.

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Genres: House / Electro / Disco / Tech-House / Progressive

Fym Factory presents Electroacoustic. Expands the electronic music idea, fusing more danceable styles. Never forgetting the classic beat&bass. From the stable to the rhythmic.

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Genres: Techno / Minimal / Acid / Trance

Fym Factory presents Stochastic. The roots of electronic music. From the deepest of techno. That playlist shows the human exploration inside music technology.

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