Paul Kalkbrenner announces his new EP “Speak Up” which will be released on June 5th.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Berlin producer was doing a live streaming through Facebook and Youtube, where besides showing his most famous tracks, he answered several questions from fans, and assured a new 4 song EP for June 5th.

Who knows Paul Kalkbrenner well, knows that he is a special guy, besides showing himself as he is, during the live streaming, which is available to see again on YouTube, he made again insignia of these qualifiers. In an exquisite study, and accompanied by his most trusted circle, Kalkbrenner answered several questions asked by fans. Among the questions he was asked were: When are the new songs due?

“There will be new songs, a new EP will come out in early June. I’ve heard that it was said that I don’t release any more albums, but that only refers to the albums. It’s too much work! To make 15 new songs, it can easily take two years and nowadays finding that much time to devote to it is complicated. The EP will have 4 tracks, as always.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Studiosession

Paul Kalkbrenner showed us two of the tracks that will be released on this new EP, titled “Laser In” and “Speak Up”. Two tracks of the most danceable and different from each other, especially for the vocal of the second one, but containing the same rhythmic essence that has always characterized the music of the Berlin producer.

As the live streaming was advancing, several questions were raised, some more interesting than others, but among them was the question: How do you get inspired to make a track? Do you listen to other kind of music and why techno?

“(Laughs) The creative process is different every time, before it was not like that, before it started: track 1, all left, base, percussion. I used to put in a 4/4 base, sometimes I still do that, but it changes as I go along. It can also be a rhythm, a sound, even a mood, or just a noise, it changes the process”.

“Yes, I listen to a lot of classical music, especially baroque. That’s how techno came about, it was rare back then, Sasha Funke and I went to the same high school, it was the fall of ’92, and we used to have secret parties in the bunkers, with flyers and mostly a lot of mouths, we were only 15 years old”

Paul Kalkbrenner at studio.

A live streaming, which in just one hour we unveiled many curiosities of Paul Kalkbrenner, in addition to recalling many of his fantastic themes. The new album, as we have mentioned before, will be released on June 5th, and it will also go on sale to be booked in vinyl format on May 22nd at the following link. In Fym Factory, we already have the alarm, to get a piece that surely will not leave us indifferent.

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