Munly Hard. High flying trip.

Munly Hard is a DJ, producer and resident in Barcelona that shows us a daring and sensorial proposal through unusual and innovative sounds. This week she has presented to us two new records, Amazonia and Galáctica, which we will be able to listen to this Friday 14th at High Class BCN.

Munly Hard defines her music as “a sensual and mystical experience” of progressive house music with deep electronic sounds focused on an international sensational paradigm.

We are facing a very versatile and self-taught music producer with a past as a Rock/Blues singer that from 2013 has been producing a wide range of styles that allow her to dominate whatever acoustic or electronic environment.

Munly Hard – Ritual Symphony

2020 album releases

This week she has released in Bandcamp (available here) Amazonia, an album inspired by her beginnings in electronics and in which she looks for self-complacent sounds, experimenting with afro, techno or progressive sounds.

Galáctica is the futuristic evolution of the sound she has developed. Munly seeks to immerse herself in the mind of her audience by offering them a trip of sensorial pleasure. From the track list, it is worth to highlight “Barceloneta’s Beach“, a song in which she shows her range of sounds and at the same time includes vocals from the artist.

Munly Hard Official Soundcloud:

In spite of being an unclassifiable artist, she has confessed to us that she has felt a great influence on Nicolas Cruz‘s jungle and landscape music.

For all those who are looking for multisensory experiences, next February 14th we could see Munly Hard‘s hypnotic scene at the High Class Barcelona social club. Thanks to Silent Fucking Disco we will listen to it live via headphones that will allow us to immerse ourselves in his cosmic world.

Silent Fucking Disco. Live shows with headphones

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