#HoyMeComproUnDisco new initiative to help the music industry in Spain

We know that the Codvid-19 pandemic is having a very negative effect on the music industry as a whole. Today la Union Fonográfica Independiente has started a campaign, in which it seeks to support record stores, record labels and certainly the artists.

The campaign was born under the name #HoyMeComproUnDisco , and is inspired by his British analogue #LoveRecordsStore. This campaign aims to reach all kinds of audiences, but it is undoubtedly a consciousness-raising one. The industry and all the professionals who make up the sector need the collaboration of their most loyal public, to face these hard days that the system is suffering.

“The campaign aims to reach the public and make them aware that, for stamps and stores to continue to exist once they return to normal life, the public must support them by placing orders these days”, explains the UFI, which points out: “It is important to communicate that orders will be sent when it is safe to do so”.

Besides, the UFI is asking for the direct collaboration of artists, labels and record stores to record a video with the hashtag of the campaign and their favorite album, in addition as well as mentioning the already postponed Min Awards event.

  1. Share on networks using the images we have designed for the campaign
  2. Ask your artists to record a video saying the slogan and showing a record
  3. Ask the label’s workers for videos saying the slogan with records you have released
  4. Send the newsletter to your customers to spread the campaign

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