House of Ley: The implementation of music duality

The new Ley DJ’s show in Barcelona is a clear commitment to support musical fusion from a fully entrepreneurial vision on the part of the artist based in Barcelona.

The chosen date is 8th February at the Sala Upload in the Poble Espanyol (Barcelona).

Ley, as a fine hostess, (and thanks to her extensive experience in festivals such as FIB, DCODE, Mallorca Live, Arenal Sound, Sonorama…) has taken care of everything 100%. The Valencian artist living in Barcelona and her team worked on the artistic and technical production of the event, as well as its communication, promotion and ticket sales.

But above all, Ley DJ wants us to have a good time with our group of friends, and celebrate anything united by a single passion: music duality.

Ley DJ – Periscope Pt. 1 (Official Teaser)

And as she well knows, we all have friends with very different musical interests. And she thought…what better way to make it happen by bringing them all together and offering a live set mixed with live performances from artists she has collaborated with?

‘House of Ley’ Line-up.

In this first edition we could see her with Delaporte, Delafé, Soledad Vélez, The Crab Apples, Mr.K!, Yahaira y DJ Stile.

Tickets are now on sale for 10€ at Ticketmaster and WeGow.

For you to know more about the party, here her Spotify profile with the main collaborations she has done with most of the lineup of the event.

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