Hivernacle Pop Up Club: Sunday mood until the end of the year

Hivernacle Pop Up Club reaches its second night this Saturday, October 30, 2019. The autumn and nocturnal member of the great family created by Centris Events (Brunch-In, OFF- Sónar, DGTL) is in its fourth edition since it was born in 2016 in Poble Español.

Why do we say it has a Sunday mood? Well, to understand it we must know the origins of the Hivernacle that presides over the Montjuïc hill.

The promoter behind this event (which we might already be considering a trademark) is Centris Events. Centris is the successful corporation created by the union of two minds, and catapulted to fame by each Sunday summer Brunch-In party. On the one hand, François Jozic, an entrepreneur specialized in show business. On the other hand, Loïc Le Joliff, an advertising creative who has recently retaken his DJ facet in some of last summer’s events.

With the great mission of democratizing electronic music, in 2014 Loïc and Jozic created the first Brunch at the CCCB museum, committing to the emerging music scene of Barcelona at that time (and still growing). In just 5 years, and with the mixture of an interesting musical, cultural and gastronomic proposal, they have been able to make festivals (of the same level) such as OFFSónar, DGTL and Hivernacle Pop Up Club a reality.

Hivernacle en el Poble Español

As you can guess, Centris Events doesn’t remain exclusively in Barcelona, and they have already expanded the Brunch-In brand in other cities such as Madrid, which already has its frequent editions of Brunch and DGTL. In the last two years they also organized Brunch-In Valencia and Málaga. The most recent step has been to seek international awareness by being in Lima (Peru) and Santiago (Chile).

At this point, what more can we ask for? Well, to surrender to the line-up of top DJs that we are used to being brought to Barcelona, party after party.

Hivernacle Pop Up Club #2 2019 is made up by the following line-up: Headed by the well known Agoria, he will be accompanied on stage by the recent SRVD project, created by the British producer and dj Radio Slave together with Patrick Mason as vocalist, art director and notorious figure of the Berlin LGTB scene.

Hivernacle Line up

During the same night we will be able to listen to the classic hymns of the brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden produced under the name of Octave One; as well as the project D.N.S.

In the secondary room Upload we will be able to witness emerging talents such as Kwartz; Pøli and Lorenzo Raganzini (founders of the techno movement based in Barcelona, HEX.)

Pøli and Lorenzo Raganzini – Raving in Paris

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