Herr Krank: “Since a long time I’d like to mix jazz music with electronic, like Saint Germain”

Herr Krank is an emerging French producer in the world of house scene that presents us his second EP entitled So What? 4 tracks designed for the dance floor with mainly jazz influences, which he talks about in this exclusive interview that he gave us.

In this EP highlights Acid Jazz, a theme that marked the year 2018 and promoted it in the world of electronic music, considered by Fym Factory as one of the great examples of music duality. It is precisely Herr Krank who gives us a clear idea of his sound origins in which his proposal is reflected. A great lover of the classic jazz of the 1940s, he was also maddened by the deep scene of Berlin techno.

Under his label Helios Records, he shows us with great French elegance the way that leads his special vision of jazz towards an electronic sphere that makes us believe in new musical synergies.

Fym Factory has been in touch with the artist to let us know his first-hand experience, and how he is living his new release and the growth in the French clubbing scene.

We are just in the middle of your record promotion, tell us a little about this year and especially this summer for you just before the launch of your new EP “So What?”

I had a great summer with some good gigs all over France and one in Switzerland but the most important was Apollo Festival, a festival we organized for the third time with my crew “Helios” from my hometown, Le Havre in Normandy. We worked a lot on it, the line up was mainly House with Groove boys Project, Oden & Fatzo, Tour Maubourg, Madcat, and it worked well!

“So What?” Why this name?

“So What” is the title of one of the best jazz music track composed by Miles Davis, with John Coltrane on saxophone and many brilliant instrumentalists, I love that song. “So What” is also the title of the first track of my new Ep and when I started producing it, I was about to make a full jazz music track without any electronic stuff and a very slow tempo… But I actually decided to add some house music stuff, like clubbing drums, acid bass line, then I separate the jazzy part to the house part and I built a drop in the middle, so the music start with something very classic and slow, and suddenly there is a drop with electronic and dancing stuff, When I listened to that from the beginning for the first time, I was like… can I really do that? Why not? Well, so what? That’s how I found the title.

Herr Krank – So What

Do you think that personally you are in one of the most important moments of your career? What do you expect your next step to be?

I think I can go farther with this project if I keep on working, so it’s more and more the most important part of my career. In the future I want to show some other projects, like my techno project Sehr Krank, or collaboration with other artists.

For us, your single “Acid Jazz” is one of the best examples to explain the music duality, from jazz to tech-house. Where do you get the fusion of these styles and who are your greatest influences?

Since a long time I’d like to mix jazz music with electronic like Saint Germain, that artist inspired me a lot, I find his track perfect, and I also love acid house I started listen to acid with DJ Pierre , Phuture or Cajmere. The first track mixing these 2 style is called Acid Over by Tyree and when I discovered it I had the idea to make my own with something more dance floor, more acid and piano, so I made that track and i called it Acid Jazz

We see that you have released “So What?” EP in vinyl format. Taking into account current music consumption habits, what decided you for this choice?

When we decided with my label to produce a vinyl, we didn’t care if the vinyl will work or not, we were excited to get these tracks on wax, on something physic! We are very happy to have it now and we sold enough copies.

Let’s talk about the track that gives the EP its name. ‘So What?’ is like a trip we started at any jazz club in New York City, and suddenly…We’re at El Row party! Do you follow this franchise of parties and their DJ’s who perfectly control the happy techno scene all over the world?

I don’t really know “El Row” Party.


We see that currently a large part of your gigs are in France, would you like to perform in a particular country or venue in the future?

Yes I would love to play in Berlin or London, I find the music culture so interesting in these cities but I’m up to play everywhere, I love to travel.

And now a more personal question, of all the DJ’s and artists you’ve seen live, which one surprised you? Taking into account both their set and their presence on stage?

Wax Tailor was huge for me , it was a live show with many instrumentalists and I found that crazy, the music was so enchanting. I also loved KiNK, he provides a massive energy during his live sets, he kept people dancing all the time and I love the way he built his performance.

Nowadays we find festivals with a fusion of immense music genres, what kind of festivals catch your interest?

Like many people in Europe I love Dour Festival, especially because of the large choice of musical style proposed, I love almost every musical style and there’s hardly never a place where you can enjoy on a death metal concert and then go to a jungle set, Sziget festival have a huge choice of musical style too. And Sonar catch my interest a lot, I’ve never been there but I will definitely go to next time.

Nietzsche said that “a life without music would be a mistake”. What is music for you?

Yes of course music is very important, it brings people together, it makes your life more exciting, with more emotions. I agree with Mr. Nietzsche.

And finally Herr Krank, we call ourselves sick people of music and its fusion of styles…why do you define yourself as “Mr.sick”? Explain that to us if you can reveal it.

Yes when we love music, we become sick of it, I also find that when artists surpass themselves, they produce sick stuff and I imagine them crazy to get the inspiration of doing this. When I chose my artist name, basically i was producing techno, like the techno from Berlin (that’s why I chose a german name) and for me that kind of dark techno very repetitive, make me think of a virus, or a bactery, something ill.

Thank you so much for your predisposition to collaborate with us, see you soon in Barcelona.

Herr Krank – Acid Jazz

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