Daniel Ruiz – Her Purple Dress with Thin Black Stripes

After a long wait of two months since his last track was released, Daniel Ruiz is back with Her Purple Dress with Thin Black Stripes, just a few weeks before the release of his album, scheduled for May 29th.

Under the label with which he will release the album, Aiguamoll Records, Daniel returns with a slightly enigmatic story of an ordinary Monday. Once again, the artwork created for the single’s launch by Joël Beltran is outstanding.

This time the story is about a woman whose story leaves you wondering whether it’s real or it’s just fantasy. Daniel Ruiz states that “the lyrics are a revenge against those nights of sitting in a bar waiting for something to happen, but in the end nothing happens at all except that you come home with a hole in your pocket”.

But undoubtedly, the great protagonist in this single is the endless saxophone of the usual Arnau Abadal, who leads us in much of the song.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the bass line that has added the singer-songwriter who in each beat approaches us more to the denouement of history.

We remain waiting for the long awaited album!

Ten shots deep in a Monday night / The rain ignites under a neon sign / Her purple dress with thin black stripes / Mutates and mimics the changing lights

Her Purple Dress with Thin Black Stripes – Daniel Ruiz

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