Daniel Ruiz. The ‘crooner’ among the cats on the roofs is roaring again.

Daniel Ruiz releases his second single “A Little Song For You”, which will be part of his new album “Diamond Fanged Black Feline”. It will be released on May 8th by Aiguamoll Records, an independent label born in 2015 and under the Hiddentrack Records umbrella.

The Barcelona-born singer and producer has a very personal and interesting music proposal, with an impressive versatility, being himself the one who has recorded, mixed and mastered his next album in its entirety.

Daniel Ruiz assures that the next album is his best work to date, and the truth is that it doesn’t shock us at all. His last single released just 3 weeks ago “Velvet Lynx” (which will also be included in his new album), is a dark and melodic soundtrack in which we can appreciate Daniel’s creativity and alternative character and the influences of styles such as rock and gothic folk, accompanied by Arnau Abadal’s saxophone and an intriguing bass line that keeps us in suspense throughout the history of the diamond clawed feline.

Daniel Ruiz – Velvet Lynx

A Little Song For You” is the complete opposite of Velvet Lynx“. It has a much more harmonic and melancholic tone and melody, once again accompanied by Arnau Abadal’s saxophone, where Daniel brings out his more “crooner” side by telling us a peculiar love story with a terrifying ending.

Daniel Ruiz – A Little Song For You

Something in which Daniel’s material is outstanding at first sight is the art of his covers. Joël Beltrán has been creating the artwork for his singles and EP’s for some years now, and really, among the voice and sounds of one and the colors used in everyday situations or places of the other, they have succeeded in the creation of an aura of modernized pinkfloydean psychedelia.

After a very prolific 2019 on a personal and professional level, the producer has made a name for himself on the scene and has released songs with labels as varied as Custom Made Music (Virginia, EEUU) and Santa Rosa Records (Texas, EEUU). In addition, he recently showed his facet as a writer by doing a crowfunding for his book “Se me ha caído el whiskey en el pienso del gato”, which is a series of short stories interspersed with poems.

Clearly Daniel Ruiz is an artist with innate qualities, which together with the great work of his colleagues, end up leaving work of this caliber (see all his discography and work in Bandcamp).

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