Black Pistol Fire: ‘Pick Your Poison’…and go listen to it!

The two Toronto natives, frontman Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen, will dive into their intense US summer Tour with some new stuff recently released.

Black Pistol Fire is in a position to generate those sounds that all classic rock enthusiasts wish to catch to keep alive the hope in this genre. Two childhood friends who moved to Austin, Texas to play what they liked best: Garage rock strongly influenced by blues.

Although it may seem like a co-signed story by Auerbach and Carney, the duo is already a reality in the American Rock Scene. Black Pistol Fire have a long busy 2019 summer playing around the United States, with Emily Wolfe (@emilywolfemusic), Thunderpussy (@thunderpussiez) and Low Cut Connie (@lowcutconnie) as guest artists on a large number of tour dates.

But without a doubt, one of the highlights of their summer will be the performance at the Austin City Limits Festival, full of international artists and great media returns such as The Raconteurs.

Austin City Limits Festival 2019 line-up

The band recently released a new single, ‘Pick Your Poison’ on Rifle Bird Music. The track has an energetic and dynamic melody, as is usual in their style, taking much of the presence rhythm changes marked by Eric Owen’s drums. We must mention the backing vocals that are accompanying the arrangements of the psych-rock guitar throughout the song.

As always, you can listen ‘Pick Your Poison’ now in our Soundscape Youtube setlist:

New single ‘Pick Your Poison’

To see next tour dates, check out their website:

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