Barcelona Techno City

Barcelona, well-known for its pluricultural variety and unique arquitecture is slowly becoming a european reference in the “Clubbing” culture.

The techno and house music scene has been growing a lot during these last two years, reason why new clubs have born feeding the audience’s demand. Barcelona is in the sight of many artists and discographys and a lots of them completely fell in love with the city. Many important clubs are present in Barcelona as the @inputdanceclub , a local with great sound and closeness. We consider The Loft in @razzmatazzclubs , @sight_official party in @pachabarcelonaofficial , el cafe del mar, and @cityhall_barcelona the most famous clubs and techno events in Barcelona. These are the most iconic, but not the only ones, new events come out everyday creating great expectation in the audience as the @r33bcn , @kavebcn , @hivernaclebcn , @soundeatbcn and much more.

Are we in front of the birth of a new capital city in the world of Techno music? Detroit, Berlin and now Barcelona? Time will tell us.

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