Alison Darwin: 90’s indie mood showing current social issues.

Trio from Barcelona kicked off their first summer full of shows after first EP ‘Find Your Freedom’.

Alison DARWIN, one of the last year’s Barcelona revelations on the rock-indie scene. First EP released “Find Your Freedom” and a few official videoclips that show their most indie style, but above all, a great love for giving us images and quality care.

Their lyrics have a background of social criticism with a positive tone and full of messages of hope that Laura is in charge of transmitting them to us with that female voice from the ’90s style

And many, many shows ahead! From BCN to around the country. This will be the summer that many of us will remember in time to boast of having seen this phenomenon born in indie (inter)national music. 

‘Inglorious Mind’ official videoclip from Sala Luz de Gas live footage. 2018

Check out tour dates and news in their Instagram account:

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