Aaron Lowe – Get Over it

The California-based producer living in Barcelona releases his new single “Get over it” with an essence that reminds us of the best times of house music at its best.

If you don’t already know Aaron Lowe, you have a good reason to do so. Aaron Lowe is an American-born producer of house music who currently lives in Barcelona. His musical origins began with Drum & Bass in 1999, and until 2007 he was active in the Los Angeles scene sharing the stage with the best local artists. Over the years he began to make a gradual transition to house music that was consolidated by moving to Barcelona in 2012.

Aaron Lowe

By March 2020, Aaron was hosting the Rhythm Culture party at the Miami music week. He also had an event scheduled in Barcelona to welcome Maxinne, resident of Toolroom Ibiza, but we all know how these events unfortunately ended up this year.

Fortunately, Aaron has managed to overcome this horrible season for the sector by launching several productions in recent months. In his latest production “Get over it” we can appreciate the producer’s passion for house music, which could unconsciously transport us to the island of Ibiza. In the track, we can appreciate other musical influences such as Jazz, through the melody and the same tranquility and pause that the song transmits to us.

Aaron Lowe – Get Over It

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