Munly Hard. High flying trip.

Munly Hard is a DJ, producer and resident in Barcelona that shows us a daring and sensorial proposal through unusual and innovative sounds. Munly Hard defines her music as “a sensual and mystical experience of progressive house music with deep electronic sounds focused on an international sensational paradigm.

House of Ley: The implementation of music duality

The new Ley DJ’s show in Barcelona is a clear commitment to support musical fusion from a fully entrepreneurial vision on the part of the artist based in Barcelona. The chosen date is 8th February at the Sala Upload in the Poble Espanyol.

Black Pistol Fire: ‘Pick Your Poison’…and go listen to it!

Black Pistol Fire is in a position to generate those sounds that all classic rock enthusiasts wish to catch to keep alive the hope in this genre. Two childhood friends who moved to Austin, Texas to play what they liked best: Garage rock strongly influenced by blues.

Alison Darwin: 90’s indie mood showing current social issues.

Alison DARWIN, one of the last year’s Barcelona revelations on the rock-indie scene. First EP released “Find Your Freedom” and a few official videoclips that show their most indie style, but above all, a great love for giving us images and quality care.

The Black Keys – LO-HI

Today the Nashville musicians released a new single called “Lo/Hi” after 5 years out of service. Both Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach are still involved in parallel projects, but can it be the ultimate return of the iconic 2000’s band?

Barcelona Techno City

Barcelona, well-known for its pluricultural variety and unique arquitecture is slowly becoming a european reference in the “Clubbing” culture.