Munly Hard. High flying trip.

Munly Hard is a DJ, producer and resident in Barcelona that shows us a daring and sensorial proposal through unusual and innovative sounds. (Read More)


Herr Krank, or Louis for the friends, comes from Le Havre, France. He started producing electronic music five years ago but he always enjoyed playing instruments. Usually he uses a Korg Monologue, TR-8, APC 40 and Live 9. Herr Krank is well known for his jazzy piano solos, and if you enjoy some groovy basslines, [...]


Núria Garcia is a violinist, who explores musical duality at its best. The artist combines the elegance of the violin with the modernity and complexity of electronic sounds and improvisation. She began her musical studies at the age of 5 at the Municipal Conservatory of Badalona. At the age of 6 she began to study [...]