xside: The largest afterwork in Barcelona as part of the MWC and 4YFN

On 24 February, the 15th edition of the Mobile World Congress will begin in Barcelona, and a new edition of the event that promotes technological startups, Four Years From Now (4YFN). At the same time, and with the arrival of Sónar as a new partner together with the previous ones, the new xside event will be held, with a series of talks and performances by world-class DJs and artists.

xside’s mission, besides being a relaxed space for MWC and 4YFN attendees to get to know each other better; is a meeting of cultures, industries and creative minds that will explore the role that technology, design and innovation play in the future of creativity, culture and business.

In the words of Ventura Barba, Executive Director Advanced Music, SL (Sónar and Sónar +D), “xside is the creative and content hub of the most technological week in the world; an innovative meeting to explore the role that technology, design and innovation play in the future of creativity, cultures and business. The collaboration with 4YFN of GSMA and MWC Barcelona for the creation and organization of xside, defines our commitment to highlight the important role that technology has in society: to change our present and imagine new futures”.

xside experience at 4YFN 2020

Three pillars will be essential in xside between 24th and 26th february 2020 at Fira Montjuïc: conferences, networking and music. The most outstanding speaker that has already been announced for Monday is Richie Hawtin, electronic music pioneer and techno producer who will talk to us about technology and creativity.

American DJ Honey Dijon will give us a house session on Wednesday night. Other invited artists will be Awwz with their RnB and slow beats. The hope of French house Folamour. The British Jamz Supernova who is blowing up the underground scene with her own radio program at BBC Radio. Catalan DJ Gemma Planell under the name of Tutu and the culprits of projects like LAUT from Barcelona and Lapsus, C.E.E. Shepherds.

The event will take place in Hall 8 of the Fira de Montjuïc at Plaça de l’Univers, a place that is well-known to those attending the Sónar de Día.

All those accredited to MWC Barcelona and 4YFN will have access to xside during the day. The general public will be able to access xside by Night by purchasing their ticket from 30€ here.


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